Affiliated SE students

Sanja Aaramaa, UO (Request classification practice to improve feature screening process)

Fredrik Abbors, ÅA (Model-based performance testing)

Jari Antikainen, TUT (Evaluation and measurement of service-oriented architecture)

Dan Bendas, UO (Collaborative software testing)

Veli-Pekka Eloranta, TUT (Software architecture evaluation in embedded systems)

Henri Heiskanen, TUT (Support for industrial deployment of model-based testing)

Miska Hiltunen, TUT (Manual source code checking)

Jaakko Hyry, UO (Wearable computing services for senior citizens)

Jarkko Hyysalo, UO (From innovations to requirements and features)

Mikko Karsisto, TUT (Software process optimization with respect to project complexity)

Timo Kokko, TUT (Service-oriented and enterprise architecture from business perspective)

strong>Jouni Kokkoniemi, University of Oulu (SW inspections with experience knowledge)

Marko Komssi, TKK (Linking solution planning and requirements engineering)

Mikko Korkala, UO (Customer communication in agile software development)

Janne Lautamäki, TUT (On the development of collaborative web applications)

Marko Leppänen, TUT (Embedded software evaluation and pattern)

Wenhui Lu, UTa (Digital content: architecture for protection and discovery)

Artem Marchenko, TUT (Agile project management)

Matias Muhonen, UTa (Metamodeling-based software process improvent)

Varvana Myllärniemi, TKK (Quality attribute variability within software product families)

Tuomas Niinimäki, TKK (Instant messaging in globally distributed SW development projects)

Mikko Raatikainen, TKK (Documenting variability in SW architectures)

Lauri Paimen, TUT (Mobile web systems)

Jari Peltonen, TUT (Modeling infrastructures)

Juhana Peltonen, TKK (Software reuse in subcontract projects between organizations)

Arttu Piri, TKK (Team dynamics in intra-organizational globally distributed SW development)

Pietu Pohjalainen, UH (Quality assurance in AOSD)

Ville Reijonen, TUT (Agile software architecture evaluation)

Leah Riungu, LUT (Software testing as an online service)

Pilar Rodríguez, UO (Lean/agile SW enterprise: towards a transformation and assessment model)

Rami Saarinen, UTa (SW architectures based on multimodal agents)

Arto Salminen, TUT (Integrating web content into mashups on desktop and on mobile devices)

Kirsti Simula, UO (Software agents in customized mobile services)

Tanja Suomalainen, UO (Product roadmapping in agile context)

Tommi Takala, TUT (Automatic test generation: industrial case studies)

Juha Vanhatupa, TUT (Tool support for game programming)

Mikko Vartiala, TUT (Metamodeling architectures in software modelling)

Sriharsha Vathsavayi, TUT (Applying architecture-level self-adaptation to software systems)