Graduated Students

[funding period in brackets] (dissertation date in parentheses) 


Espen Suenson, Åbo Akademi University (12.6.2015)

How Computer Programmers Work - Understanding Software Development in Practice

Ville Heikkilä, Aalto University (23.1.2015)

Case studies on release planning in agile development organizations


Timo Lehtinen, Aalto University (19.12.2014)

Development and evaluation of a lightweight root cause analysis method in software project retrospectives

Agnis Stibe, University of Oulu (11.9.2014)

Socially influencing systems: persuading people to engage with publicly displayed Twitter-based systems

Irum Rauf, Åbo Akademi University (16.6.2014)

Design and Validation of Stateful Composite RESTful Web Services

Leah Riungu, Lappeenranta University of Technology (12.6.2014)

Empirical Study on the Adoption, Use and Effects of Cloud-based Testing

Sitwat Langrial, University of Oulu (27.5.2014)

Exploring the influence of persuasive reminders and virtual rehearsal on the efficacy of health behavior change support system


Pilar Rodríguez, University of Oulu [01/2012-06/2013] (13.12.2013)

Combining Lean thinking and Agile Software Development. How do software-intensive companies use them in practice?

Andrey Maglyas, Lappeenranta University of Technology (18.6.2013)

Overcoming the complexity of software product management

Tuomas Lehto, University of Oulu [5/2010-12/2011] (03.06.2013)

The importance of persuasive systems design in enhancing consumers’ perceptions and adoption of health behavior change support systems


Anna Ruokonen, TUT [1/2008-12/2010] (14.12.2012)

Scenario-Driven Development of Service-Oriented Systems

Jukka Kontula, University of Oulu (4.12.2012)

New Venture Creation in Software Business

Vladimic Mandić, University of Oulu [7/2009-12/2011] (14.9.2012)

Measurement-based value alignment and reasoning about organizational goals and strategies : Studies with the ICT industry

Kirsi Korhonen, TUT (20.4.2012)

Supporting Agile Transformation with Defect Management in Large Distributed Software Development Organization

Jarno Vähäniitty, Aalto University [1/2010-8/2010] (20.2.2012)

Towards Agile Product and Portfolio Management


Marko Ikonen, University of Helsinki [1/2007-12/2009] (19.12.2011)

Lean Thinking in Software Development: Impacts of Kanban on Projects

Anssi Jääskeläinen, LUT [5/2011] (16.12.2011)

Integrating User Experience into Early Phases of Software Development

Katarina Segerståhl, University of Oulu [1/2007-8/2010; 6/2011-9/2011] (12.12.2011)

Cross-platform Functionality in Practice: Exploring the Influence of System Composition on User Experiences of Personal Exercise Monitoring

Juha Itkonen, Aalto University [1/2010-12/2011] (18.11.2011)

Empirical Studies on Exploratory Software Testing

Jussi Kasurinen, LUT [1/2010-12/2011] (18.11.2011)

Software Test Process Development

Outi Räihä, University of Tampere (18.11.2011)

Genetic Algorithms in Software Architecture Synthesis

Mari Karjalainen, University of Oulu [1/2011-8/2011] (28.10.2011)

Improving Employees’ Information Systems (IS) Security Behavior

Torbjörn Lundkvist, Åbo Akademi [1/2007—12/2009] (17.6.2011)

Applications of Graph Transformation in Tools for Domain-Specific Modeling Languages

Antti Välimäki, TUT (10.6.2011)

Pattern Language for Project Management in Global Software Development

Jakub Rudzki, TUT (25.2.2011)

Software Quality Concerns in a Commercial Setting

Mika Siikarla, TUT (18.2.2011)

A Light-Weight Approach to Developing Interactive Model Transformation


Samuel Lahtinen, TUT (10.12.2010)

Model-Based Engineering of Command Interfaces

Teppo Räisänen, University of Oulu [6/2007—12/2009] (9.4.2010)

All for one, one for all. Organizational Knowledge Creation and Utilization Using a New Generation of IT Tools

Teemu Kanstrén, University of Oulu [4/2007—8/2009] (19.2.2010)

A Framework for Observation-Based Modelling in Model-Based Testing


Petri Kettunen, TKK [1/2009—6/2009] (4.12.2009) 

Agile Software Development in Large Scale New Product Development Organization: Team Level Perspective

Mika Mäntylä, TKK [1/2007—12/2008] (8.5.2009)

Software Evolvability—Empirically Discovered Evolvability Issues and Human Evaluations


Antti Kervinen, TUT [1/2008—7/2008] (5.12.2008)

Towards Practical Model-Based Testing: Improvements in Modelling and Test Generation

Johannes Koskinen, TUT [1/2007—12/2007] (28.11.2008)

Behavioral Profiles in Software Engineering: Motivations, Definitions, and Applications

Timo Asikainen,  TKK (1.8.2008)

A Conceptual Modelling Approach to Software Variability